1.What makes your trips “customizable?”

We believe short term mission trips should not just be limited painting a wall repeatedly. Tell us your vision and we’ll do our best to make it happen. All ideas are welcome!

 2. How does your team ensure participant safety?

Safety is our top priority. We ensure each participant’s safety through clear communication and never allowing any individual to travel alone at any time. Each of our lodging locations have security, our full-time staff transports and remains with participants on each trip.

3. I would like to be a part of a group. Can you add me to a team?

If you would like to be a part of a group, we will do our best to establish a workable date between interested individuals. 

4. I’m not a Christian. Can I still come?

Yes (see our expectation form).

5. Do I need to be vaccinated?

Let your primary physician know where you are traveling. They will let you know if you need to be vaccinated.

6. Is water safe to drink in most countries?

We advise drinking and using filtered water except for Jamaica. Check with our team before drinking any water. Filtered water is provided with meals for each destination. Participants can also purchase additional filtered water bottles at the grocery store after pick up, or the next day.

8. Is there a participant age limit?

There is no limit. However, from a safety standpoint, we strongly recommend a child be old enough to comprehend the work they are participating in. 

7. Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is required. 

We recommend using:





  1. Can minors travel alone?

Yes, minors can travel alone. They will need written consent from a parent/ legal guardian (see minor consent form- hyperlink so they can go to form)

2. Do I need to find airport drop off and pick-up?

No. Our driver will both pick and drop you off from the airport.

3. How will we recognize our driver, and vice versa?

You will be sent a photo of our driver and the sign they will be holding. Our driver will receive a photo every individual coming on the trip.

4. What if I forget or loose baggage at airport? 

If it’s the airline’s fault, they will make every effort to deliver it before you return home but if it is an oversight on your part, then we charge $50 for airport trip (in most countries).

5. For emergencies, are hospitals nearby?

Our staff is aware of all local hospitals and their distance. While distances to hospitals vary from country to country, let us know If you have medical condition which requires you to be nearby a hospital. Travel insurance should be obtained prior to departure.

6. Where do we change money?

Most places accept US Dollars for purchases. Do not change money at the airport.

7. Where do we keep our passport and valuables?

For Jamaica:There is a safe at our camp.

Other countries: Most hotels provide a safe.

8. Who can I contact if something goes wrong while I am overseas?

We provide personal contact information from one of our U.S staff members, so you can reach them at any time via group text.





1. Can you give me a breakdown of what the cost of a trip is covering?

There are two different fees for the cost of a mission trip.

The deposit fee: The deposit fee officially holds to date for your selected country and allows our team to plan for your trip.

Mission-trip fee: Covers ground transportation, meals (excluding lunch), lodging, and your free day activity. 


5. Is there an additional cost for construction and service projects?

No additional cost is required to visit locations. However, providing food for outreach events is strongly recommended as food brings people together.

Construction: Additional additional funding is required for construction projects. Let us know your budget upon signing up, and we will add the amount to your invoice.

2. Are there any additional costs?

Participants will need to bring money for lunch, tips for workers and spending money. We recommend allotting $200-250.00.


6. I can’t pay for the rest of my trip. What happens to the money? 

If unable to make full payment, 2/3 of fee will be held in escrow for one year to be used by the participant towards another trip. Financial credits may also be credited to another individual with approval of our office staff.

At the end of the year, funds will be deposited into the general LIFETIME MISSIONS account.

3. What about tipping? Is it included in the cost?

Tips are included in the price of the trip. As a courtesy, we highly recommend tipping the workers upon arrival, paying for their lunch and fee day activity if any team member is joining you.


7. I’ve paid for my trip in full, but something came up. Can I change trips?

Yes. If you need to change trips, let us know and we will book another trip for you.  

4. How does the payment schedule work?

After paying the deposit fee, the first payment is due 60 days (2 months) before departure. The rest of the payment is due 30 days before (1 month before) departure. 


8. What will happen if a trip is cancelled?

In the event of a team trip cancellation, the following will apply:

Application fee will be forfeited. 1/3 of all fees paid to date will be forfeited.  

The balance of money already paid will be held in escrow for one year and credited toward the group’s trip. 

*Please Note: after one year expires, the funds will be deposited into the general funds of LIFETIME MISSIONS.




  1. What countries can I participate in a media trip?

    Any country.

2. Does the cost differ from a regular trip?

There is no differing cost.

3. How much experience do I need to participate?

A general working knowledge of how to use a your equipment.




  1. What airport do we fly into?

    Sangster International Airport

2. Is the drinking water safe?

We provide filtered water and allow for participants to purchase water at grocery store upon arrival. 




  1. How many bags can we bring?

    One backpack per person

2. Are lodging accommodations set up for us?

No. We travel and find a place as we go each night.

3. Is food provided?

Each participant must bring their own money for food. 

4. Will a team member be with us?

Yes, a team member will be present with you at all times.





1.What should I NOT bring?

Leave all weapons and self-defense items at home. This includes but is not limited to, knives, guns, and tasers. Drugs, drug paraphernalia, and pornographic items are also forbidden. Leave all jewelry and valuables behind.

2. Is there WIFI where I will be staying?

Some hotels have WIFI. Check with our team before departure. It is strongly recommended to purchase a hot spot before departure

3. Should I buy an overseas cell phone plan?

Check with your service provider. 

4. Is there a dress code?

See dress code.

5. Celebrations: Can your order a cake for a trip?

If you or another participant will be having a birthday, or other celebration while staying with us, please let us know on the sign up form. Otherwise we will be unable to accommodate your request. All cakes must be paid for in advance prior to departure.